Reviews for "Let's Go Camping! Crochet Your Own Adventure"

‘Kate Bruning’s crocheted campsite conjures up an Enid Blyton-esque world of clear skies peppered with stars and picnics by the river.’
— Molly Makes
‘Caravanners who love craft will adore Let’s Go Camping!, a fantastic book that teaches you how to crochet a full camping scene.’
— Practical Caravan
‘This quirky book is perfect for anyone with children who love to get lost in their imaginations, creating adventures on the living room floor.’
— Inside Crochet
‘all delightfully retro, easily achievable, and the finished scene will inspire tots’ play too’
— Gurgle
‘Crochet your way into this imaginative landscape designed by Kate Bruning [...] You’ll find adorable patterns for outdoor living, including a vintage caravan, tents, teepees, and even a canal boat! And of course there are plenty of accessories that are to die for, from tiny sleeping bags and bunting to an ultra-diddy campfire’
— Knit Now
‘Every day we are hearing about the benefits of slowing down and spending more quality time with our children.... this is a delightful project the whole family can get involved in.’
— Daily Telegraph